Putting my blogs to use

Back at start of this year, Alec Muffett published a new communications strategy on his blog which I really liked.

  1. If it’s worth a tweet, it’s worth a short blogpost or longer
  2. If it’s a RT-with-own-commentary, then ditto it becomes a blogpost
  3. I unilaterally declare it to be acceptable to have a blogpost with a ~120 character title and minimal content, where req’d

I’ve decided to adopt this approach as well & put my two blogs to use.

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3 Responses to “Putting my blogs to use”

  1. alecm says:

    Cool! Best of luck!

  2. alecm says:

    ps: Jetpack Share is a really useful plugin for helping with distribution.

    Blog your post, then click the little icons to share it.

  3. Sevan says:

    Thanks for the tip, all installed & ready to go :)

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