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Gone Clubbing

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Danny Tenglia @ The Egg



Returning to DJing after a hiatus

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From my first days of exploring the nightlife in Brighton as a teenager I wanted to be a DJ, so I started buying records & eventually got a pair of decks & taught myself how to mix. Giving up in the late 2000s because I never made the transition to digital & finding the records I wanted either not being available on vinyl or being at a premium.
My interest was rekindled recently when a colleague asked If I wanted to play at a joint birthday party, It was disastrous & I struggled to mix but the whole thing was so much fun, digging through records trying to find tracks (a strong mental note being kept through out the process that this wasn’t going to be a Sasha tribute) & I got the opportunity to play again this weekend, at a small house party, it was much more fun this time as I let go, starting off with Salt City Orchestras remix of Marshall Jeffersons Mushrooms & finishing off with Salt City Orchestras remix of Underworld Cups with lots of different styles of tracks in between.

Next step is to get myself a copy of traktor & start recording again, It’s been too long.

The last attempt at recording a mix at length a long while ago (it’s a bit rough round the edges).

Track list
Delerium – Silence (Santuary Mix)
2 Smoking Barrels – Bases Loaded (Naive Dub)
Dousk – Estrange
Skydiver – Timeless
Nalin & Kane – Rise In (16B Dub)
Mainline – Innerspace
Age of Love – Age of Love (Jam & Spoon ‘Watch Out For Stella’ Remix)


Telegraf Glitch

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Looks like the system controlling the lights at The Central Telegraph has crashed.

20130630-102658 PM.jpg


Sun Microsystems graffiti

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Spotted at the crossing outside the Santa Clara convention centre.

20130620-085624 AM.jpg


The well dressed busker

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Across the street from Telegraf on Tverskaya, Moscow

20130518-082018 PM.jpg


Twitter wtf

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Browsing twitter & got served a dud page, what does wtf stand for in this context?
wtfOptions, wtf-component, wtf_be_salsa_min_score_728, wtf_be_geo_algo_old_user_664


Less than a minute in, answer from my friend Josh, who to follow.


Geeks on dilemmas

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This Developer’s Life podcast was mentioned on twitter yesterday, I’d not heard of this podcast before though looking back at the dates of the posts, it’s been around for a while (August 2010). The podcast is based on developers (the people on seem to related to Microsoft either as employees or developers in their eco system) telling stories about events that happened on the theme of each episode. I’ve only listened to the first two episodes so far, the first episode on getting fired being my favourite of the two, it reminded of situations that I’ve also been in, missing what was being implied, dealing with clients in scenarios which have worked into technical disasters, being able evaluate a project & knowing when to walk away.
It’s nice to hear life talked about by fellow geeks.


Bad Timing

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I saw an interview with Carlos Santana a few years back on a documentary where he discussed drugs, he spoke about the comparison of LSD to Cocaine, to paraphrase “LSD set your spirit free where as cocaine enslaved it”.
I was looking on youtube to see if I could find the interview again & found this clip about taking LSD instead.


Deetron – Cocoliche Podcast 4

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Randomly picked this on the iPod today, it’s a few years old,but I don’t recall playing it before, another downloaded & never played set. It’s really nicely put together, pretty driving for a majority of the set & then it takes a turn & gets deeper.
Info on the set is available here
The set is available as an ogg file too if you visit archive.org
01. Steve Reich – Music for Mallet – Amiata
02. Linkwood – Nectarine – Prime Numbers
03. Gadi Mizrahi – She don’t (Lowtec RMX) – Spectral
04. Marcel Dettmann – Wound up (Wincent Kunth RMX) – Ostgut
05. Chopstick & Johnjon – Clear Eyes (Trickski RMX) – Suol
06. Lauhaus – Moonshine – Remote Area
07. DCNT – Clocked – Unknown
08. Andres – The essence – Mahogani
09. Deetron – Sing – Circus Company
10. Cobblestone Jazz – Chance – K7
11. Redshape – Present 06 B1
12. Audision – Red Sky (Robag Wruhme RMX) – &nd
13. Andre Oliva – Halperke – Hive Audio
14. Cajmere feat. Derrick Carter – Dream States Dub – Cajual
15. Pulpyt – Dadip – All Inn Records
16. Redshape – Present 06 B2
17. Mirko Loko – Love Harmonic (Carl Craig Remix) – Cadenza
18. Justin Martin – Get Low – Dirtybird
19. Harry Choo Choo Romero – Unknown (Joris Voorn RMX) – Unknown
20. Mist Works – Common Question? (Dairmount & Berardi RMX) – Atjazz
21. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Dub) – Objectivity
22. Thom Yorke – The Eraser – XL Recordings
23. Pepe Bradock – Burnin’ – Kif Records
24. Daniel Stefanik – Nr. 2 – Kann Records
25. Tangerine Dream – The Sorcerer (P-Bar Edit) – Unknown


Housey Housey

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Played a couple of Kerri Chandler mixes a few days back which has got me back in the mood for good old fashioned house music.

Kerri Chandler – Live @ GASM, London (Ladbroke Grove) – 1994

Kerri Chandler – Live @ Boiler Room 84, Madhouse Takeover – 29/03/2012

Found Digweeds first Bedrock mix on ipod today, which is based on the 1999 Essential Mix from Twilo, those smooth long blends on CD1 still give me goose bumps. So cool when able to pull those style of mixes on a pair of turn tables.

Now if only the default limit on YouTube could be slightly longer than 10 minutes so all 12+ minute prog house & 90’s New York house records could fit in, that’d be great. 🙂

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