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OH, you’re English?

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Today has been most bizarre, I’m on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Brussels for the FOSDEM conference, I left the office early today as I had some last minute packing to do. On the way home I thought I’d best grab a bite to eat as I probably wouldn’t get a chance later so I stopped off at a subway for a quick bite. The western fast food chains retain English product titles so event though the staff don’t necessarily speak English you can at least order in English ( the universal Big Mac, not sure what they call the quarter pounder though).
So there I was ordering my sandwich when they guy waiting behind me starts talking to me, asking me where I’m from, how long I’ve been in Moscow & what it’s like in England. There was a pretty big queue so by the time we were approaching the till to pay we’d met a Brazilian who also spoke English. The guy who started the conversation then suggested if I we could take a photo together, we then sat down & talked as we ate. We discussed if it was true that the English drink tea everyday at 5pm & that I looked more Irish than English. I had heard of similar happenings in Asia when Brits holidaying out there would be approached by the locals for photos but this was certainly the first time for me. Once we finished our food we shook hands & went our own way, I managed to make it home, run around looking for things I’d misplaced after my last trip, pack & head out again.
I made it to the train station to catch the train to the airport, entering the station I was greeted by a security guard by a metal detector & a table, I placed my suite case on the table, the guard (not looking too happy) stepped forward & said something in Russia to which I replied “I’m sorry but I can only speak English” at which point his facial expression completely changed & with a big smile he said come whilst waving inwards & then pointed out the ticket office to me. Now to the airport, this will be my first time in Brussels & FOSDEM.

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