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Madonna remixes

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Ray of Light turned 25 this February, an article from the 20th of anniversary on The Quietus had me going down memory lane. I recall at the time, the collaboration with William Orbit and the Sasha remixes got a lot praise in the music press. Of the remixes, I bought a copy of Drowned World (Substitute For Love) on vinyl at the time which I really liked. The Sasha & BT remix was akin to Sasha’s Belfunk with its interesting bassline, going through peaks and troughs as Madonna sings on.

On the flip side of my copy, there was a Sasha remix edit of Sky Fits Heaven running at just over 4 minutes, alongside another version of Substitute For Love on the same side, but I can’t recall if it’s the original mix or Victor Calderone’s. I was really into the last ~30 seconds of the Sky Fits Heaven edit, with the chopped up vocals, thinking it would be a great set finale.

Roll on 25 years and I learn that the edit is of a much longer Sasha remix (sometimes call the Sasha’s The Drug Fits Face Mix depending on the release) coming in at over 7 minutes and the original mix is pretty good too. 🙂

I didn’t pay much attention to the Ray of Light remixes at the time and was only turned on to Sasha’s Twilo remix of Ray of Light a few years ago. Following the anniversary, the Ray of Light remixes have been re-released digitally and the Twilo remix is available if you purchase the full remix set.

The last few weeks I’ve been listening to these tracks quite a lot, especially the original, Sasha & BT Buck Lodge, William Orbit’s A Reverie mixes of Drowned World (Substitute For Love).


Erased Tapes turn 16

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The label announced yesterday was their 16th birthday. I found my way to Erased Tapes via Nick Warren featuring artists like Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm on The SoundGarden podcast series (defunct), and Says on the compilation.

I have listened to a lot of Nils Frahm since the introduction. Tripping being an absolute favourite.


Tracks & Time #1

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There is something great about a club record which gets all the elements right, from the backing track to the vocals, and still keeps it underground.
The dub backed Club Vocal Mix of Round Two’s New Day alongside Martin Buttrich’s remix, of Tracey Thorn – It’s All True, more recently, still do it for me.
I hope someday to hear either on the Room 1 sound system at Fabric, yet.


Wonderful life

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I was really being ironic when I wrote ‘Wonderful Life’,” Colin Vearncombe, aka Black, told me in 2004 of his biggest hit. “Most people took it at face value, but why should they think otherwise? Only Donald Fagen and Randy Newman can sing sarcastically in a way that people understand. As a result, Smash Hits wrote about me because they thought it was a pop thing and Q wouldn’t touch me.


Sasha & Digweed – NYE 2002, Live from MTV

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This is without a doubt my favourite set from the two though I believe the beginning may be Sean Cusick & Jimmy Van M warming up, following by Sasha & Digweed on the warmup.
Either way, this set has always been with my since I downloaded it fresh from DJ Mixes 2k back in the day but I’d never seen the video that goes with it. Stumbled across it just now by accident 🙂

This set is sometimes mislabeled as Sasha & Digweed – Live at Fabric which they played a couple of weeks earlier.


Origins of tracks

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Browsing my feed on soundcloud I saw a remix of Sade – Shelter me by David Morales. I have a anther bootleg remix of this track on vinyl which is less percussive & deeper that I like very much by Musk Men. The discogs info on the vinyl releases does not reveal any info on who was responsible for the remix. Earlier this year though a digital remaster of the track was made and proper accreditation is made to DJ Hani.

Another track I discovered the source to was the origin of the spoken word on PQM – You are sleeping, the comments section pointed to a blog post on the gospel according to John by John Harris.


D.E – Do Easy & Guy Gerber in Ibiza

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There’s a track featured on Guy Gebrers mix in Ibiza (39 minute mark) which contains the audio from Discipline of Do Easy by Gus Van Sant.


Pete Gooding & Cafe Mambo

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The Cafe Mambo – 20 Years of Ibiza Chillout re
For the past few of years, Pete Gooding has posted his sets from Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, recently (this month?) there was a compilation released that’s also compiled by Pete Gooding called “The Cafe Mambo – 20 Years of Ibiza Chillout“. The compilation compliments those sets as an easy way to obtain unmixed copies of some of the tracks featured on those mixes across 3 CD’s.











First mix of 2013

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I’ve started buying music digitally trying to build up a collection again & thought I’d try recording something to see how it works out, nothing really planned, just picked an opening record & went from there, lots of room for improvement but it was fun to record.

Recorded on a pair of Vestax PDX-3000 Mk II turntables, Serato SL2, Allen & Heath Xone:22 mixer via a FocusRite Saphire LE firewire sound card on a MacBook Air.

Track list
Virginia, Solar & Poppcke – Our Days
Terry Lee Brown Jr – Chatterbox (Original Mix)
Vinayak A – Set Her Free (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Shur-I-Kan – Conundrum (Original Mix)
Two Right Wrongens – System Error
Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
Deetron – Starblazer (Original Mix)
Lance DeSardi – The Power Of Suggestion (Original Mix)
Danny Howells – Laid Out (Fully Horizontal Mix)
Guy Gerber – The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon (Original Mix)
Agoria – Dust feat Scalde (Rocco Vision Mix)

DJing with a digital setup has had me running into some strange issues, this time the disk my audio files were stored on was plugged into a USB hub, this caused very strange behaviour in Scratch Live, with the music cutting out on two separate occasions & not registering the music is playing.
My firewire sound card is connected via a thunderbolt adapter & whilst there’s sufficient power on the bus to power the unit without a separate power supply, it’s not possible to perform firmware updates via this adapter as I found out by temporarily bricking my device, luckily the firmware update completed successfully using a Mac which had a firewire port onboard and restored functionality.


Gone Clubbing

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Danny Tenglia @ The Egg, London

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