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Choose your own adventure 3: Return of the rainbows / Everyone leads & is led everyday

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Of the two links here, I attended Adam Job’s talk in person at Velocity conf 2012 but only found a public link to it recently, it was a fun talk to attend, it presented some (obvious?) points in a fun manner which we¬†sometimes forget about.¬†Brian Cantrill’s interview was once again at the right time for me, his interview & previous talk at scale coincided with events going on in my own life when they were published.

Adam Jacob’s talk from Velocity 2012: Choose your own adventure 3: Return of the rainbows
Stream & download links are available on the conference video compilation playlist

Part 1

Part 2


Brian Cantrill’s interview on pop forms: Everyone leads & is led everyday
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Geeks on dilemmas

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This Developer’s Life podcast was mentioned on twitter yesterday, I’d not heard of this podcast before though looking back at the dates of the posts, it’s been around for a while (August 2010). The podcast is based on developers (the people on seem to related to Microsoft either as employees or developers in their eco system) telling stories about events that happened on the theme of each episode. I’ve only listened to the first two episodes so far, the first episode on getting fired being my favourite of the two, it reminded of situations that I’ve also been in, missing what was being implied, dealing with clients in scenarios which have worked into technical disasters, being able evaluate a project & knowing when to walk away.
It’s nice to hear life talked about by fellow geeks.

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