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SPAM regarding Brighton’s past

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Just received a message from a company claiming to have visited the long defunct website of PierToPier.net. Interesting thing is that the “generic” email address I received the message on is on a domain that was never associated with the project, I’m guessing LinkedIn may somehow be involved as in the early days of LinkedIn, I did have a profile & PierToPier was listed in my bio. I wonder if this a case of someone using a scraped archive of LinkedIn?
The PierToPier.net site has been down for several years now, so it’s clearly from a source of outdated data. Still not sure how it was linked to the generic email address though.



Choose a meat

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Twitter wtf

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Browsing twitter & got served a dud page, what does wtf stand for in this context?
wtfOptions, wtf-component, wtf_be_salsa_min_score_728, wtf_be_geo_algo_old_user_664


Less than a minute in, answer from my friend Josh, who to follow.

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